Goblin Grotto



The King of Dread, that is what they knew you as. High and mighty in castle Bloodburg as you ruled the realms just and fair. However, not all inhabitants of the lands agreed with your reign. One night, the captain of the Wolf Knights, Rorick, enacted his plan to overthrow you.
He succeeded in destroying your body and though that has perished forever, your spirit still lives on. With a plan for revenge you have fled into into the wastelands in search for a new vessel to house your soul.

Dread the Rabbit is a turn based roguelike game with randomly generated maps and permanent death. Journey across seven environments to reclaim your throne. Unlock long forgotten magic stored in the relics of Ancients. Earn boons from the gods and empower yourself at their altars.


Arrow Keys -- Move
Z/Enter -- Accept
X/Escape -- Pause Menu/Cancel
1, 2, 3, 4 -- Activate Relic Abilities
Shift -- Skip Turn


Game By Fredrik Brundin
Music James Brittain
Playtester Reggie Schildmeijer ▪ James Brittain ▪ Prpl_Mage
Korean Translation Paul Carter

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Korean Version (4mb)
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